AccessAbility Options has been remodeling and modifying homes with lift systems for handicapped and disabled persons in their homes throughout the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul for over 20 years.  We enhance mobility within homes with fixed and portable ceiling lift motor systems, ceiling track turntables, verticle platform lifts (VPS), and stair chair lifts throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.Mobility Enhancing Lifts

The addition of lift systems are perhaps the most crucial to your ability to stay in your home.  By safely and easily assisting your movement from bed to mobility device or from room to room, lift systems have been designed to require minimal effort and ease of transfer.  We will train you on the use of these products so that you feel completely comfortable using them.  We use safe, quality and cost-effective products.  Our partnerships with licensed and certified specialists along with our extensive training ensure the safety of your use.


Fixed Ceiling Lift Motor Systems:

We offer a wide range of ceiling lift systems that are meant for permanent home use.  All are designed with ergonomic features including handheld controls. Our fixed ceiling lift systems come in a range of weight capacity loads from 300 pounds to the Bariatric ceiling lift that has a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds.

Portable Ceiling Lift Motor System:

Providing comfort both at home while giving the flexibility to use in other locations, i.e. other rooms, homes, cabins, etc.  We supply portable ceiling motor lifts that can be attached to a variety of ceiling tracking systems.

Free Standing Support Systems:

As there is no installation or mounting into the ceiling required, these systems are ideal for situations where permanent ceiling tracking systems are not possible, such as rental situations. These systems are lightweight and easily assembled.

Ceiling Track Turn Tables:

Essential in the freedom to move about within your home, ceiling track turn tables, provide directional change in the tracking system allowing movement from room to room.

Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL):

Partnering with licensed/certified specialists who use stringent safety guidelines, we'll install VPLs for access to/from areas where a ramp isn't possible, such as from a garage entrance door into your home.

AccessAbility Options has been modifying homes and businesses throughout the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, improving the lives of people with handicaps and disabilities and the families of those people.

Stair Chair Lifts:

An essential addition to your home when stairs are not an option; Stair Chair Lifts provide you ease of movement from one level of your home to another. We work with licensed/certified partners who supply safe and durable chair lifts to be installed.



I cannot speak highly enough, nor give enough praise...

"We have utilized your firm a half dozen times, since you finished our first development in March of 2007. Since your first project – the remodeling of our kitchen and bath – was as near impeccable as a work of man can be, we have come to expect perfection. And we have never been disappointed!

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