AccessAbility Options has been remodeling and modifying homes with ramps and low riser steps for handicapped and disabled persons in their homes throughout the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul for over 20 years.  We enhance mobility within homes with entrance ramps, long-tread low-riser steps, fold out ramps, and even curb cuts for safe transitions from the street to the home throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.Home Entry Ramps and Options

We understand that getting into your home safely and easily is as vital. We create access to your home from curb to doorway and beyond. Our ramps are built with your safety and the durability of the ramp in mind. As ramps will be exposed to all types of weather, we use pressure-treated lumber or cedar along with low-maintenance materials and attach ramps with corrosion-resistant fasteners and hardware.




Most of our ramps can be dis-assembled to be moved/removed based on your needs. Aside from superior construction, what sets our ramps apart is that they are not so steep that they are unsafe.. We follow the current safety codes of a 1 inch rise in steepness per 12 inches of length or 1:12. For your safety, we advise you to demand this of whoever constructs your ramp. 

Long-Tread Low-Riser Steps:

For those using walkers and canes, long-tread low-rise steps are a great option. The larger level surface of these stairs help to maintain balance and the riser’s shorter height make moving up/down the stairs easier. As with modular ramps, these stairs can be dis-assembled to be moved/removed based on your needs.  

Fold Out Ramps (Portable):

We work with an extensive network of suppliers that provide safe and durable portable ramps. Suitcase (fold out) ramps allow you to bring an access ramp with you wherever you go.

Transitional Angled Entry Ramps:

Threshold adaptors are portable, smaller ramps which can be raised and lowered to allow you ease of access through any door threshold.

Curb Cuts:

AccessAbility Options has been modifying homes and businesses throughout the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, improving the lives of people with handicaps and disabilities and the families of those people.

Initially created as a result of the ADA Act, public sidewalks require a sloping grade on curbs or curb cuts which allow for ease of movement of persons with all abilities. We can create such a cut to an existing curb so that you may safely move from street to ramp to your home.


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